What Is Flow Derivative?

A type of securitized derivative that uses the process of maximum leveraging to induce very large and profitable financial gains with minute movements in a market’s value is called a ‘flow derivative’. This flow derivative is completely based on the current movement value in the trading of a maximum number of currencies that are associated with a set of assets. It also aims at reproducing the payout trends of most of the available over-the-counter (OTC) Forex tools. Some of the well -known and popular flow derivatives are-

Vanilla options

This as a type of flow derivative instrument in which the holder gets the right to buy or sell an underlying commodity, asset, security or currency at a prefixed price within a specified timeframe. It is a normal call or put of binary option with no unique features

Synthetic structured forwards (bonus certificates)

With this instrument, the investor is able to utilize long a call option and short a put option. These instruments have open ended dates that are set by the trading parties and can span a couple of days to several years.

Leveraged synthetic spot positions (WAVE XXl’s)

A spot position involves an agreement between buyers and sellers to match currencies one against the other. This matching is also done on a pre-decided date and most of it done on a Forex trading platform

Barrier options (WAVEs )

This is another type of speculation based on currency exchanging. Barrier options are more flexible than all other types of flow derivatives and they are responsible for the bulk of all the trading that takes place on the Forex trading platforms and exchanges.

Trading of Flow Derivatives

Flow Derivatives are mostly traded on electronic trade platforms or exchanges. these flow derivatives are traded in real time, thus allowing traders to and investors to place their trades automatically. When a flow derivative is put into action, the orders are placed on auto and thereafter speculators decide their strategies depending on the rising and falling values. Such leveraged products enable retail traders to take directional views on the current exchange rate movements.

Purposes and benefits of Flow Derivatives

By using flow derivatives wisely, experienced and knowledgeable investors and traders can reap immense profit margins. These can derive profits economically from

  • Fluctuations and changes in the interest rates and values trending in the global equity markets
  • Shifts in the currency exchange rate
  • Change in the demand and supply of global commodities

All flow derivative instruments are tuned and set to adjust to the increasing and decreasing values in the global scenario.

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